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Bridging The Talent Gap

Data to better address skills shortages in Colorado.

Thanks to the more than 500 Colorado Employers who completed the survey!

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In Spring 2021 Colorado’s TalentFOUND network led efforts to administer an employer and employee survey to 

  • Understand the skills gaps Colorado businesses and workers are facing and 

  • identify how education and training programs can help close those gaps. 


Thanks to everyone who helped get the word out and to the more than 500 Colorado Employers who responded to the survey and provided their insights! We look forward to responding and hope you will use the data too. 

Learn more about how Bridging the Talent Gap can offer insights for employerseconomic development and workforce development partners, and learning providers.

How Can You Get Involved?


Now that the survey is complete, you can see the results here! 


Also, be on the lookout for webinars to learn about the results and other resources to support you in using these data to inform your work. 


Are you an industry association, economic development organization, or workforce development organization? 




Check out the dashboard for information about who responded and what they said. You can even filter the data by industry, region and business size. 

Get Involved

We plan to act on this data. Let us know if you’d like to get more involved in using these data. 
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